Non-Profit Litigation & Compliance

The non-profit law experience of Murphy Orlando’s attorneys runs the gamut from advising small nonprofits on compliance to a years-long fight to control a $900 million university endowment. Any exempt organization seeking legal counsel needs to keep in mind the broad range of issues involved: from corporate governanceand compliance, to prudent institutional asset management and endowment preservation, to donor restrictions and institutional mission. Our attorneys have litigated control disputes over religious nonprofits, and conducted internal investigations to protect major civic organizations from embarrassment and legal exposure involving officer or director misconduct. We have also represented non-profit executives in connection with government and ethics investigations; helped advocacy organizations comply with New Jersey’s complex lobbying and political disclosure laws; litigated commercial real estate disputes for nonprofit schools and hospitals; and advised on other business transactions. For cultural and fraternal organizations, alumni associations, and other not-for-profit endeavors, even the most basic functions—such as re-writing outdated Bylaws, or ensuing that donor appeals and professional fund-raiser agreements are compliant with applicable law—require skilled lawyers to protect tax-exempt assets and avoid unnecessarily-restrictive donor limitations.

In addition to their own service on numerous non-profit boards, the attorneys of Murphy Orlando LLC also helped small non-profits prepare their formation documents, assisted international nonprofits in creating U.S. affiliates, and ensured that grant-making is compliance with federal and state tax laws. Murphy Orlando’s attorneys bring a unique degree of religious and cultural sensitivity to our work, which has enabled us to represent diverse faith communities, including mandirs, masjids, temples, and Islamic schools, with respect for the religious and cultural sensitivities of our clients.