Regulatory Compliance & Defense (Administrative Law)

Murphy Orlando negotiates with State regulators on clients’ behalf, tries clients’ cases, and handles appeals to the Appellate Division. In these matters, the firm draws upon its attorneys’ extensive experience working in State and local government to help clients navigate and comply with regulations, oversight and license application/renewal procedures, and avoid penalties in the first place by establishing effective complianceregimes. Thanks to extensive regulatory and litigation experience on both sides of the regulator-regulated relationship, the firm assists regulated entities and individuals in enforcement actions by State administrative agencies in the Office of Administrative Law and in the Appellate Division. Representative matters include securing the dismissal of threatened fines and penalties by the N.J. Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) and avoiding license revocation and financial penalties attempted to be levied by the Department of Banking and Insurance, and defending charges brought by the State Ethics Commission, among other entities.